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- Sourced from the mountains of Uji, Japan -

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What makes our matcha superior?


The Uji region of Japan is regarded worldwide as producing the finest matcha products. We source all our powders from a small family owned farm, hidden in the misty mountains of Uji. By producing our products here we not only ensure an unrivalled taste, but we also ensure that industrial pollutants do not contaminate our product. Lesser matcha has been shown to be high in lead given the plants ability to absorb pollutants.

Intense quality control

The passion and pride of our cultivation team has led them to produce an extremely high product. To ensure that we only produce the best we pick only the very highest, and so freshest, leaves from the plant. The rest of the leaves go towards making lower quality matcha. 

Eco Cultivation

If we can look after the earth, the earth can look after us. The same goes with farming. By working carefully and in an ecologically sound way we can allow nature to help us produce the best. Tea plants are adept at absorbing anything in the soil; the good and the bad! With this in mind it is vital to make sure that nothing environmentally harmful is used in the process. Many cheaper producers do not take the same care and the resulting product will not only taste worse, but it may be harmful to your health. 

Free shipping on all UK orders

100% Money Back Guarantee

- Jenny, Cambridge -

"Simply the best matcha I've found anywhere. It really makes a difference to my lifestyle."

- Beau, London -

"Lovely tea and the bowl is beautiful!"

- Steve, Newcastle -

"Keep sending me awesome matcha and I'll keep coming back. Really good product guys, keep it up."

- Julie, Norwich -

"I always have a bowl of matcha before my morning meditation. I assumed the bitterness was just part of the matcha flavour until I tried yours. I'll be coming back soon!"

What makes matcha so special?

Powerful Mood Booster  Full of antioxidants including the powerful EGCG  

Effective Metabolism Enhancer  Promotes relaxation of the mind and body  
High levels of Vitamin C, Zinc and Magnesium Tastes Great